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Experience and Principles of Maintenance of Laboratory Instruments
2019-01-17 17:22:20


1. Repeat faults in person (if repeatable), do not belittle the user or the third party's oral or reportage. Careful observation, do not belittle the oral accounts of credit households, especially the third party's. Some operators, in order to shirk their responsibilities, will say that the instrument itself suddenly..., they did not move anything, and so on. These are understandable. Engineers should handle it properly.


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2. First external, then internal. Don't open the chassis at all times. It's never an old hand to like to spread the stall without preliminary judgment and exclusion. Expecting to open the chassis to see where there is a broken line or obvious fault is pure luck, even good luck can not always be like this. About 50% of the faults are caused by external environment or operation, cleaning, etc. If the shutdown time is long? Is there a big temperature difference between day and night? Is the instrument located close to the elevator room? What other instruments are in use near the instrument? Is the computer set up correctly? Wait.

3. First power supply, then host; first accessories, then host. Should check whether the power supply is stable, whether the load is too heavy, whether the ground wire is good, whether the accessories such as electrodes are good and normal, whether the interfaces are correct, etc.

4. Make full use of all kinds of buttons, display screen and operation or maintenance procedures on the instrument panel to make some exclusions, which requires a very familiar structure. (Important steps)

5. Understanding the user's operating habits, the structure and level of operators and the economic situation of departments will also be of great help to maintenance. If you can deduce how clean maintenance is, whether you want to update the idea (otherwise you will not say good repair anyway), and so on.

6. It is not easy to replace the components, boards and pipes on the original instrument, because some components are related to boards and software data. Not to mention changing boards and components constantly to reduce the source of failure, otherwise a migrant worker will be recruited to teach (currently the largest number of such maintainers).

7. Instruments or engineers should bear the responsibility if necessary and bear the responsibility of "black pot". If the responsibility is in the department or user, it will be more difficult to deal with in the future. For a variety of purposes, there will also be: someone deliberately set up the fault.

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